Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Writes about how busy she had been and describes some activities. mentions weather and snow. catches up with news of family, friends and activities. Hopes cable she sent would arrive with him in a few hours but might take a few days according to post office. Continues with gossip.




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Two page handwritten letter


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[inserted] 26 [/inserted]
10 Moorside Rd.
Thurs. Feb. 6th. 1941.

[inserted] 5-4-41. [/inserted]

My dear Douglas.
Just a few lines, before going to bed, after a busy day. My days are always very full. I have certainly never been one of those people who have time to kill. Every hour seems to bring some thing to do & especially now that I’ve been knitting helmets. It is nice work & I knit into them so many grateful thoughts for the men who will wear them & am glad if I can give them some small comfort. The winter still continues & we have much snow about. It was quite a heavy fall during the night, but we’ve had thaw all day & the dreary sound of melting snow running down roofs and drains. Surely after this I can go into the garden & expect to see my beloved spring flowers. [inserted] plants [/inserted] Peggy brought some lovely daffodils for me on January 13th & they are still in the hall too well past their first beauty. Mrs Ellwood said she went into a shop in town to buy some yesterday. The price was 3/9 a bunch of daffodils so [inserted] she [/inserted] came out of the shop without buying them.
[page break]
I have been wondering ever since Monday if you got my cable all right on Tuesday. It was sent away from the G.P.O. about 11.30 Monday & I was hoping all the time you would receive it in a few hours. The man at the P.O. said he would not say how long it would take to reach you - it may take two or three days - so I was hoping that he would be mistaken. — Mrs Clayton came on Tuesday. John arrived home unexpectedly on Sat. night & went back after an early mid-day meal on Sunday. The Elizabeth - who came with him on his last leave has now become engaged to someone else - so Mrs Clayton says. I said “How d’you do” to my new neighbour this morning. She was very cheery & pleasant & feels sure they will like living here when they get the house in order. I told you they came from London & Mrs Lazarus says they feel it very cold here in Manchester. The winter has been severe & seems very long, with the dark mornings. Now love it is time to say Goodnight & God bless.
With all our love from
Mother & Dad.

755052 Sgt. Chef. JD. Hudson,
Camp de Sejour Surveillé
S/convent Commandant Dánues
Le Kef
Nord du Afrique.



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