Battle damaged Wellington



Battle damaged Wellington


Photo 1 is an airman inspecting the damage at the rear of the Wellington, X9746, 'OJ-A'. The fabric has burned off exposing the geodetic structure.
Photo 2 is two airmen inspecting the damaged fabric at the tail of a Wellington.



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On the night of 18/19th August 1941, X9746 OJ-A of 149 Squadron was targeted upon Duisberg. At 23-07 hours the aircraft lifted off for Germany. Crossing the searchlight belt near Venlo the Wellington was attacked by a Junkers 88 & hit by cannon fire. The tail was badly damaged and strenuous efforts were needed to keep the aircraft on an even keel. The Co-Pilot, Sergeant Reed, was severely wounded & the Observer P/O Raffaelli, received a superficial head wound. By this time the fabric was on fire in the tail & the bombs were jettisoned. Sergeant Billington, in the rear turret, succeeded in extinguishing the flames thus rendering the aircraft, in its vulnerable & exposed state, a less obvious target for any renewed attack. He assessed the damage to controls in the rear & reported to his Captain. A safe return to base was made, landing at 04-49 hours. Pilot Officer Gregory was awarded a D.F.C. & Sergeant Billington a D.F.M.



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