Charabanc outing and the Otter Hound pack



Charabanc outing and the Otter Hound pack


Photo 1 is a charabanc outing. It is an open top bus with a group of unknown people.
Photo 2 is a group of people outside the Ship Hotel, Banwell. There are hounds and hunters identified as the Otter Hound pack.



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Charabanc outings were very popular means of seeing the countryside by people on holiday in Weaton [sic] Super Mare. The photograph was taken by F.A.F. Hardwick of Banwell, who had an arrangement with Weston coach operators that their charabancs would stop for photographs at Banwell. By the time of the return journey the photo’s would be ready for sale. The people in the charabanc are not known.
Photo about 1936.


1936 About. A meet of the local Otter Hound pack outside the Ship Hotel, Banwell. A number of local people have gathered to see them off & many will follow them for the day. The Landlord of the Ship, Mr. William Reid, is standing at the rear of the photo in the doorway. Mr. Clifford Cooke is by his left shoulder. Mr Cooke a well known Somerset farmer & a noted producer of cider. Standing in the foreground between two huntsmen are Farmer & Mrs Hamm. Photo by F.A.F. Hardwick, Banwell photographers.


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