Letter to Henry, Lil and Barbara from Arthur Wright



Letter to Henry, Lil and Barbara from Arthur Wright


Letter to his brother Henry, Lil and Barbara from Arthur Wright. He writes from the Hotel Metropole, Brighton. He is waiting for a posting but it is not clear whether it is before or after training in South Africa.




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No. 1149750
Rank L.A.C
Dear Henry + Lil (not forgetting Barbara)
Here I am keeping my promise to write and let you know how I am and what has been happening. I am afraid there is not much to tell as far as experiences are concerned as I am still waiting for a posting. We have a very good billet here and as I am doing lessons and furthering my knowledge in the things I have to know I don’t mind the waiting as much as I did in London. But underneath it all there is still that feeling of valuable time being wasted through the delay and at time it is very difficult not to get “browned off”. Brighton offers plenty of amusement although it certainly has changed from the holiday resort of those
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happy days of peace time. The hotel I am living in was the most popular place in peace time and when I came here some years ago with Fred we had dinner at the Metropole. The strange thing is that in the room where we dined then I now do a lesson in Aircraft Recognition. It was a strange feeling when I first went into that room and my mind skipped back years and I could picture how it was then.
I am feeling very fit because we have plenty of P.T. and drill and best of all I am getting in some swimming. I go at least once a week and as it is warm sea water I enjoy it very much and look forward to it. I have heard from [indecipherable name] and she and the boys are keeping well and I think she is as happy as the circumstances permit. I shall be here over Xmas which
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incidentally will be my first Xmas away from home and believe me that is not a very nice thought. However I am in the service and have to take it with a grin. I expect to be posted early in the new year so if I can only contain myself with patience (which is very difficult) maybe it wont [sic] be long until I get cracking. The annoying part is that out of the original 50 who were at Finningley there are now only 10 of us left the rest having been posted and now doing their flying. I heard from Chris this week and I was ever so pleased to hear he has been accepted as a WOP/AG. Who knows but one day we may get together and let Jerry know the value of the Wright?
I sincerely hope you are all keeping well and I bet Barbara is growing up now, eh? She’ll soon be boss if I know anything about Lil. I was sorry I couldn’t get over to see you
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before I left but in the usual R.A.F. way, one day we knew nothing about being shifted and the next day we were here. However if the opportunity ever presents itself I shall come into [sic] see you. Well that’s about all I have to say now, so hoping to hear from you soon.
Your loving brother
[underlined] Arthur [/underlined]



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