Letter from Douglas Hudson to his parents



Letter from Douglas Hudson to his parents


Catches up with mail with photographs and cables received. Writes that they have obtained film and mentions plans for photographs. Discusses problem with cable he tried to send. Mentions recent visit by Red Cross representative who investigated conditions. They await developments. Writes that they had recently received a lot of food parcels from Canadian Red Cross and lists some of the contents. Notes that since the navy arrived a little more notice had been taken of their conditions. He comments that he has a bed and is one of the 30% who do not sleep on the floor.




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Two page handwritten letter


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Royal Air Force. 755052. Sgt. J.D. Hudson.
c/o. Consul General des Etats Unis.
Rue Michelet.
Alger. Algerie
Afrique du Nord.
My Dear Mother & Dad,
It is about four days since I wrote to you last & then I sent two letters in two consecutive days acknowledging receipt of your letters nos 53 & 55 containing photographs, & your cable giving the good news that fourteen of my letters had reached you with thirteen snaps, up to May 9th. Good news which bucked me no end. Since my last letter I received two more from you Nos. 54 & 56 containing two photos of you both at the “wheel” & just noticeable are the deadly straight lines of the mower, showing that you still maintain the art of uniformity when it comes to cutting the lawn. I am delighted to receive these photos, & should welcome any more you care to send. We have succeeded in getting a roll of films & can take 12 pictures. As there are 5 of us to share I propose taking 2 photos of each individually, & two groups of the 5. That is the best arrangement I can think of. I do not know when we shall get the next roll - probably never. I am very annoyed, because at this moment I have just had my telegram of July 21st returned because confirmation of ‘Receiver to pay’ has not come through. They returned my previous one because I had not put my Christian name in the message, & I suppose they will return the next one because
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they cannot find ‘Angleterre’ ?!X. I will send another message to you straight away & hope for better results. Here it is :- “Delighted cable eighteenth received July twenty first also letters and snaps latest fifty six my reply telegram just returned apparently receiver to pay not confirmed hope this will reach you delighted my letters arrived well all love. Douglas Hudson.”
Yesterday we had a visit of two Red Cross lady representatives & they made a thorough investigation into conditions. We await developments. I feel confident we can expect powerful help from this organisation in future. Recently we have received a lot of food from the Canadian Red Cross – such items as tea, milk, butter, corned beef, meat roll, & salmon etc, also a little soap. Our tea position is good; at the moment we have 2 ½ lbs between 5 of us & a little fuel. We also hope to receive tobacco from the Admiralty who have already equipped us with a towel each & shirt & shorts. Since the Navy arrived a little more interest has been taken in our conditions. You ask if I have a bed. Yes I am one of the fortunate 30% who do not sleep on the floor. I had a queer dream last night, although very realistic. I dreamed that you both, together with Auntie Maud & Dorothy ‘C’. Visited us at Laghouat. You were very impressed & the scene was a little too moving. Until we do really meet, I send you all my love & thoughts. Douglas.



J D Hudson, “Letter from Douglas Hudson to his parents,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 5, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/22737.

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