Letter from Douglas Hudson to his parents



Letter from Douglas Hudson to his parents


Writes he was pleased to receive their letter but that he can only send two a month. Comments on letter s content and notes he had received a postcard from the Red Cross informing him they were forwarding his letters to them. Suggests they cable him via the American consul in Tunis. Writes of his activities over Christmas and notes they have has snow. Writes he would be glad to receive letters from as many people as possible. Mentions he got a pipe for Christmas but tobacco was poor, cigarettes plentiful but strong.



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Sgt. Chef. J. D. Hudson
Camp de Sejour Surveillé.
Afrique du Nord

My Dear Mother & Dad,

I was very pleased indeed to receive your letter dated Nov. 6th & to learn that everything is well at home. I am only allowed to write two letters a month & post-cards, so will you thank everybody who has enquired about me & written to me. I also received a letter from Auntie Gladys on Christmas Eve dated Nov. 17th. Both letters were very splendid Christmas presents & it was a great relief to have news from you. I am eagerly looking forward to a regulor [sic] mail now. Will you send Kenneth my congratulations on his School Certificate success?

I received a p.c. from the Swiss Red Cross yesterday, saying they were forwarding my letter written on Nov. 29th. & were writing to you asking you to cable me c/o the American Consul in Tunis, so I am now looking forward to a cable from you. Several

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cables have already been received by some of the chaps here.

We have had quite a good Christmas here under the circumstances, with plenty to eat & drink, (presents from sympathisers in Tunisia), but I should have given a lot to be at home. I hope you had a good time, I thought about you a lot, & I send my best wishes to you & every body [sic] for the New Year, & also for Mother’s birthday.

We have had plenty of snow here, something I did not anticipate in Africa, but it does not last very long, & there is none at all in the plains

I shall be glad to receive letters from as many people as possible & if it is not expensive sending cables, I should appreciate one regularly say every 3 or 4 weeks. They bring up to date news.

I got a pipe for Christmas but the tobacco is poor. Cigarettes here are cheap & very strong but are very good now that we are used to them. They cost about 3d for 20.

Good bye for now, hoping you are well, & again thank you for your letter which was a great blessing. I am still fit & well & looking forward to our reunion. All my love Douglas.



James Douglas Hudson, “Letter from Douglas Hudson to his parents,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed March 3, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/22496.

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