'Mercy' Flight to his Stricken Brother



'Mercy' Flight to his Stricken Brother


A newspaper account of Dick Curnock's flight to Cairo to visit his ill brother.



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‘Mercy’ Flight To His Stricken Brother

IN a last-minute attempt to save the life of Signalman Robert Curnock (23), second son of Mr. and Mrs. D. Curnock, of 59, Minehead-street, Leicester, his brother Richard, a Warrant Officer in the RAF, has been flown from Italy to the stricken soldier’s bedside in a hospital near Cairo.
Mrs. Curnock told a “Leicester Mercury” reporter that Army doctors hope the brothers’ reunion may just tip the scales in Robert’s favour.
“My three sons, Sam, Bob and Dick, have all served in the war,” she said. “Sam, the eldest, held the rank of Second Officer in the RAF. It was a special rank and the nature of his secret duties has never been revealed to me. Four years ago he was reported missing, presumed dead.
“Bob, the second son, has been lying dangerously ill through typhoid fever and complications, since July. He is due for demobilisation, and should be home on release leave now.
“The Army doctors say there is ‘some hope’ for Bob, and we are praying that his brother’s visit will save his life.”
Mrs. Curnock said that should her son take a turn for the worse, she expects to be flown to Cairo.

Tribute to Staff

She added that the hospital staff had been “wonderfully kind” to her.
“I had 15 letters from them last week. They came from the doctors, the matron, and the nurses. They are absolutely fighting for Bob’s life. I think it is marvellous.
“When Dick arrived from Italy they insisted he should stay at the hospital instead of having the expense and inconvenience of an hotel in Cairo.
Mr. Curnock is a retired detective inspector in the LNER.

Richard Curnock
Robert Curnock

Robert Curnock was employed in the laboratory of the British United Shoe Company, while the youngest brother, Richard, was also employed in a laboratory of a Leicester shoe factory.

University College Extension Plans

A special committee is to be set up by Leicester City Council to report on possible sites for extensions to the University College.
A notice of motion to this effect presented by Alderman C.R. Keene, was carried at last night’s meeting of the Council.
Alderman Keene added that among the sites under consideration was one which, while not actually part of Victoria Park, was “between the existing University College site and the De Montfort Hall.”




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