Letter to Douglas Hudson from Dorothy



Letter to Douglas Hudson from Dorothy


Dated diary of events from 16 July 1942 until 29 July 1942. Covers daily activities including, news of family and friends, shopping, cinema and work.



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Two page handwritten l;etter


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Tel. 99 Idle.
[inserted] 5-9-42 [/inserted]
My Dear Douglas,
This time it will be a fortnightly diary! I’ve been so terribly busy what with one thing and another. However, heregoes [sic]! It starts 16:7:42 so here goes once again!
16:7:42. Fairly late home from work. Mollie & Kenneth still with us. Went with Mother, Eileen, Mollie & Kenneth to see the picture “ Sante Fe Trail” Errol Flynn & Olivia de Havilland. Very good & quite exciting a sort of “ Woolly West” affair. Had fish & chips walking home! ( How indelicate!!) 17:7:42. Went to the pictures again. Gosh! I’m going somewhat gay am I not? This time another Errol Flynn picture the name of which is perhaps best left alone. Very good film in technicolour. Went with the girls from work that night.
18:7:42. Went shopping with Sybil, the girl I am going to be bridesmaid for. I got some lovely dress material gold in colour & a sweet little hat arrangement for the head. I think I shall look quite swish. Night, the local picture house to see “ No time for Cowards” Jas Stewart & Rosalind Russell. Really, this picture going will have to stop Dorothy, its ridiculous. This time of cause I went with Eric, being Saturday.
19:7:42. Eric out all night. Sunday Rehearsals to play in the aft. Home to tea. Chapel at night Eric’s to supper & so home alone.
20:7:42. Rehearsal once again. No more exciting events that night, not that rehearsals are exciting or anything funny like that!!
21:7:42. Mary B. came down & set my hair for me. We then dried it with the electric dryer, had supper, then I walked Mary home.
[page break]
22:7:42. We had a lecture at work. Very valuable & interesting information was given to us for the good of ourselves. Eric was at ‘Hill Cote’ when I got home. He’d been playing cards with Mary. It was a nice surprise as I didn’t know he was coming.
23:7:42. Went to the dressmakers with Norman’s wife. Not very interesting evening
24;7;42. Rehearsals again.
25:7:42. Went to one of the girls house for the weekend, another girl & myself, making three in all. Her Mother & Father were away for the weekend so we had some good fun. We had a meal in town on the way from work. After tea in the garden, a village dance at night. (a perfect scream all young people ages 15-18. I should imagine) Stayed up talking till 2.45am. You see we’d no Uncle Harold to call us to bed!!
26:7:42. Helped Kathleen with the lunch. Pottered about the house, had some music, me on the piano & Kath on the violin. Went for a short walk. Had tea & just sat & talked & what not at night, bed 12.45am. I was an absolute wreck on Monday, I might add.
27:7:42. I went to have my photograph taken to give Eric for his birthday. He gave me the other one back when we broke an engagement & I gave it to Mother & Dad. Rehearsal at night.
28:7:42. Quiet night at home.
29:7:42. Rehearsal. Getting sick of them and wish the Damned play was over.
And so we come to the end of the diary up to date. Must close now then perhaps “Mr Censor” won’t lose patience.
Bye-bye Doug. Hope you’re getting some of my letters. Keep smiling
Lots of Love
Dorothy xxxx



“Letter to Douglas Hudson from Dorothy,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed September 28, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/22423.

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