Suez Canal



Suez Canal


Photograph 1 is taken from the side of a lager ship. In the water are small boats selling fruit, vegetables and other items.
Photograph 2 is of a dredger.
Photograph 3 is of a lighthouse.
Photograph 4 is of trees at the side of the canal.
Photograph 5 is of two cargo ships.
Photograph 6 is of some birds. In the distance some ships and low hills.
Photograph 7 is of some distant ships.
Photograph 8 is of sand dunes at the side of the canal.
Photograph 9 is of a bridge and some buildings at the side of the canal.
Photograph 10 is of six men leaning on the side of the ship.
Photograph 11 is of a native sailing boat.
Photograph 12 is of a three funnelled passenger ship passing a dredger. Captioned 'Vessel passing dredging machine'.
Photograph 13 is of two ships captioned 'Crossing of two vessels'
Photograph 14 is of a monument captioned 'Indian Memorial near Suez'.
Photograph 15 is of a statue of a man on a plinth with a protective chain fence, captioned 'De Lesseps Statue'
Photograph 16 is of a monument captioned 'War memorial 1914/8 at Timsah Lake'.
Photograph 17 is of a passenger ship and a twin funneled tug captioned 'Entrance to Timsah Lake'.
Photograph 18 is of several small boats and in the distance some larger ships.
The group of photograph are captioned 'Suez Canal 1 to 18 Port Said to Port Suez 90 mile x 90 yds x 90 feet'.


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18 b/w photographs mounted on two album pages




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“Suez Canal,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 4, 2020,

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