Banks, Peter. Album two


Banks, Peter. Album two


The album contains a varied collection of photographs taken whilst based at RAF Feltwell from 1937 onwards. There are aerial views of Windsor and Buckingham Palace, Harrow aircraft, plus social and service events. Post-war he was transferred to Singapore via India and Burma. The album reflects his social life with occasional photograph of his service activities at RAF Seletar. His return to UK via Bombay at the time of Indian independence is recorded, followed by scenic shots round Wick in Scotland. Finally there are some photographs of Angkor Thom in Cambodia.


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Scrapyard of Japanese aircraft
A heap of scrap which includes a Mitsubishi A6M Zero

Japanese text on cloth scrap
A small piece of scrap with a message in Japanese. Captioned on the reverse 'A6M3 model 22?' On a separate sheet is 'Translation Material possible from scrap yard zero. A6M Model 22? "Small above water warrior model type 1100"'.

Mitsubishi Zero
The aircraft was found in the jungle close to Seletar camp. It has nosedived into the ground. One man is standing by the cockpit. On the tail is code B1. The wing tip is hinged upwards.

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Angkor Thom
Photograph 1 is an oblique of a road across a lake captioned 'Road leading to Angkor Wat temples'.
Photograph 2 is a near vertical view of a temple captioned 'Another Angkor Thom temple (still under re-construction)'.
Photograph 3 and 4 are two…

Cambodia Angkor Thom
Oblique aerial photographs of the lost city of Angkor Thom. Captioned 'Cambodia The lost city of Angkor Thom re-discovered in 1861. Above & right:- City founded by Emperor Jayavarman II in 9th century. Angkor Wat temple built by Emperor Suryavarman…

12 seascapes
Photographs 1 to 6 are of rocks with waves crashing over them.
Photograph 7 is of two airmen on rocks by a stream.
Photographs 8 and 9 include three airmen on rocks by the sea.
Photographs 10 to 12 are seascapes with waves crashing over rocks.

Five seascapes
All photographs show rocks with waves crashing against them.

Rocky headland
Oblique aerial photograph of a rocky headland.

Wick Scotland
A rock outcrop with waves crashing on it.

H.M.T. Georgic
Printed card of His Majesty's Troopship Georgic. Captioned 'H.M.T. Georgic. 27,000 tons Singapore Bombay Port Said Blighty'. Photograph of the side of a ship and its wake. Captioned 'and so for home into a 4 day long storm across the India [sic]…

Letter from Claude Auchinleck to British forces serving in India
A letter from Field Marshall Claude Auchinleck to British forces serving in India. It thanks the forces for their service and wishes them Godspeed.

Storm in the Ocean and Bombay Docks farewell
Photograph 1 of the side of a ship and its wake. Captioned 'and so for home into a 4 day long storm across the India [sic] ocean (11.00. am 17-08-1979)'
Photograph 2 is a dockside farewell captioned 'Population bid farewell Auld Lang Syngue [sic]'.…

Barnaby Wharf Bombay Docks
All photographs taken from the side of the ship showing people and marching soldiers on the dockside.

Barnaby Docks Bombay
Nine photographs taken from the ship looking down on people on the dockside.

Barnaby Wharf Bombay Docks
Photographs 1 and 2 are from the deck looking down at people on the quayside. Photograph 3 and 5 are a clock tower at the dockside. Photograph 4, 7, 9 and 9 are views of the docks.

Peter comes to Singapore and views from SS Georgic
Photograph 1 is a people including Peter and his mother on the deck of a ship.
Photograph 2 is a tug captioned 'S.S. Georgic, out into Singapore roads and home to Blighty via Bombay'
Photograph 3 is Peter wearing a large hat on his bicycle.…

Japanese flak ship, sea planes and SS Moultah
Photograph 1 is an aerial view of a ship captioned 'Japanese flak-ship'.
Photograph 2 is a dockside with a Loire 130 and several Aichi E13A seaplanes and a floating crane. Captioned 'Japanese sea planes'.
Photograph 3 and 4 are deck views of…

Married quarters, Seletar RN Base and Hangar construction
Photograph 1-4 are a man, woman and child with packing cases.
Photograph 5 shows landing craft at the dockside. Captioned 'Landing craft at Seletar RN base'.
Photograph 6 is a hangar under construction. Captioned 'Chinese labourers (women) building…

Married quarters, Seletar
Photograph 1 is the married quarters.
Photograph 2 is three women and Peter in the garden.
Photograph 3 is a man pushing a bike up a path.
Photograph 4 is the married quarters.
Photograph 5 is a man on a path.
Photograph 6 is a woman in the…

Banks family, Singapore
Photograph 1 is Peter and a person at the base of the elephant on a plinth
Photograph 2 is a man and a woman leaning out of a window.
Photograph 3 is two women, a man and Peter at the docks.
Photograph 4 two men, two women and Peter standing in…

Banks family, Singapore
Photograph 1 -3 are the quarters.
Photograph 4 is Peter and his mother.
Photograph 5 is Peter.
Photograph 6 is a woman and a man with a bicycle.
Photograph 7 is a woman with a large hat.

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Banks family, Singapore
Photograph 1 is Peter in front of an elephant on a plinth.
Photograph 2 and 5 are two men in shirts and flannels.
Photograph 3 is a woman at the quarters.
Photograph 4 is two women at the quarters.
Photograph 6 is a woman at the…

Singapore street scenes
Photograph 1 is Peter on a horse statue
Photographs 2 -4 are street scenes
Photograph 5 is a family at the docks
Photograph 6 is the docks
Photograph 7 is a street scene
Photograph 8 is a view across the harbour with small boats and cargo ships.

Family picnics, Singapore
Photographs 1-5 are groups of men and women at picnics and round tables.
Photographs 6-8 are outside the married quarters.

Banks family at botanical gardens Singapore
Photographs 1, 2 and 5 are of the six members of the Banks family.
Photograph 3 is of trees in the gardens.
Photograph 4 is of a monkey.
Captioned 'Botanical Gardens Singapore 1947.'
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