Letter from Dave Davies to Betty Hughes



Letter from Dave Davies to Betty Hughes


Dave thanks his fiancée, Betty, for a letter and a photograph. He considers sending Betty a picture of himself. He hopes to have a rest during the Christmas holidays. Dave plans to send a parcel of items to Betty and describes a small financial investment. He recalls past times with Betty and expresses the desire to marry her as soon as possible.




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Miss. Betty Hughes,
50. Portland Street.
Cardiganshire. WALES.

1653015 L.A.C. DAVIES. D.H.
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1653015 LAC DAVIES

My Dearest Darling
I received 3 letters from you today darling one written on the 27th of October and the others on 11th and 12th of November. One of the letters included the surprise darling. You could’nt [sic] have sent me a better surprise. I shall always keep it darling. I'm afraid [missing] w’ont [sic] last long though. I shall be looking at it so [missing] I still have the one you
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gave me before I went away, but it is’nt [sic] is such a good condition. It is a lovely photograph of you darling. I've placed it on top of my locker. all the boys have been admiring it and saying what a lucky guy I am. I must have one taken too, but I think I'll wait and see if I can get some feathers on my breast first. I might have [deleted] on [/deleted] taken on my Christmas leave though, that is if I go away. I do'nt [sic] think there is a photographer in this town. Well I'm still working as hard as ever darling. They do'nt [sic] give us much time off. It will be nice to get some leave Christmas. I shall be able to catch up with my sleeping hours. I shall be able to stay in bed all day too I hope. I wish you could be here to spend it with me - Now do’nt [sic] get me wrong! We would have so much fun just like we used to. Never mind we might be spending a couple of weeks together sooner than we think. I'm looking forward to it so very much darling. I'm glad you liked your present darling. I [indecipherable word] started a collection of some more things for you darling. I shall be sending you a parcel before long. I shall buy a lot of things for you before I came back - after I finish the course. They keep back some of my money every week, as I have bought a 50 dollar war bond, and I pay for it by weekly installments. They held a victory week in the R.A.F. when I was in Assiniboia, I shall just finish paying for it when I finish the course. It was one way of saving money. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself down home. I wish I could have been there with you. I enjoyed myself very much those few days we were down there together. I'm sure I w'ont [sic] regret it as long as I live - I know I w'ont. [sic] I love you so very much darling - more than anything in the world in fact. I'm looking forward to the day I shall be taking you down there as Mrs Davies. Yes it does sound nice darling. I am looking forward to seeing you in white again,- a lot of white [deleted] aq [/deleted] too I hope. I hope this war will end soon, or I’ll have to change my mind and see you in white sooner than either of us expected. It is the only thing I'm living and hoping for darling I want you all for myself. I hope you feel the same as I do. I wish I could be back in Aber [sic] to prove it to you darling. You better be prepared for my return. I shall be able to see you quite often when I came back. I'll get more
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leave than I used to get before. I'll get more 48’s anyway. Well darling I'll have to close. Think of me sometimes. I'm always thinking of you darling. Thanks again for the photograph. I’ll treasure it always.
Your darling husband (to be)
P.S. Please do'nt [sic] alter your hair style before I come back.



Dave Davies, “Letter from Dave Davies to Betty Hughes,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 6, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/19807.

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