Letter from Dave Davies to Betty Hughes



Letter from Dave Davies to Betty Hughes


Dave tells Betty he receives letters more often now. He then writes about the weather and comments that he will have his final exams in one month. Dave updates Betty on the last movies he saw; and on the people she knows who are also attending the course. He hopes to be able to return home soon, but anticipates the possibility of having to stay there as an instructor of the pilot staff or for a reconnaissance course. The letter finishes with affection.




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Miss Betty Hughes,
50. Portland Street.
Cardiganshire WALES.

1653015 L.A.C. Davies D H.
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1653015 L.A.C. DAVIES D.H.

My Dearest Darling,
Received a letter from you today dated 20th of Nov. I hope you have received some of mine by now. Your letters arrive oftener [sic] now. I get one or two every week - thanks to you darling. It's still very cold out here, and we've had some more snow. We hav'nt [sic] seen any rain here though, for over two months. I'm still very busy darling, and I expect I'll be busier as the time goes on. It’s only a month before final ground examinations. A month to the day in fact. I went to the pics [sic] last night at the camp to see Betty Grable in “Coney Island” in technicolour. It was the best picture I have seen for ages and “Victory through Air Power”. By the way one of the boys was in Winnipeg this week and met Nappy [sic] there. He’s off the course for some reason, he was on 14 days leave before reporting to an Air Gunners’ school somewhere. I'm waiting to hear from him to know what happened. Joe Cooper is also off the course. Do you remember him? I think you do, they called him “Slim”. There’s only three of us left [deleted] indecipherable word [/deleted] now that I Know of. - Don. Curly. and [indecipherable word]. I better not say too much - I might be next. I’m glad to say though I passed all the mid term exams. If I can get through the next few weeks and the final ground exams I mange [sic] it. By the way darling I'm always forgetting to tell you Steve and Ginger are here too. They’re in the course ahead of us. Steve wishes to be remebered to you, hoping he can visit Aber [sic] soon. I was sorry to hear [indecipherable word] had been so ill. I hope she’s much better by now. It seems funny to hear of [indecipherable word] being ill. Well darling there’s only 8 weeks to go in this dump, after which I hope to come home after a couple of weeks in Moncton. But I’m warning you darling. There is a possibility that they may keep me here as instructor staff pilot or for a Reconnaissance course. Not many of the last course went home. I'm warning you darling so that you w’ont [sic] be so disappointed
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when the time comes.
That’s all the news for now darling hoping to hear from you soon. I still love you as much as ever, and am always thinking of you. I miss you more than anything in the world darling. I shall be back as soon as I can. How I’m longing to see you darling. I'm getting more impatient every day.
Yours for ever darling



Dave Davies, “Letter from Dave Davies to Betty Hughes,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed November 29, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/19808.

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