Letter from Ursula Valentine to her husband John Valentine



Letter from Ursula Valentine to her husband John Valentine


Writes of correspondence preventing her being able to garden and cancelling a journey due to poor weather. Mentions sending a photograph of daughter Frances. Catches up with family Christmas news. Mentions arrival of vacuum cleaner and not being able to try it out. Writes about problems with the gardener and about the weather.



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Four page handwritten letter


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Lido; Friday 19.12.41
Darling Johnny, I'm making valiant attempts to get out & do some gardening but don't seem able to get rid of my correspondence! We called off our expedition to Barnet this afternoon as there was an icy fog this morning & its not much better now, so that saved a lot of bother. So I'm sending the photo of you to Ann by post. I've also sent off a photo of Frances (as per Xmas Card) mounted but not framed as I couldn't get a suitable frame, to Grannie
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& Aunt Mary. Ann & Bunty have sent us Xmas cards, & Bunty sent a small wooden toy for Frances. I dispatched their parcel a couple of days ago to P.M. - but don't expect any dividends on it!
Our vacuum cleaner arrived yesterday & I rang Freeman (Mrs) & thanked her & asked her to tell Roy to let me know how much it is. It's very like Mother's to look at but I haven't been able to try it yet as it needs a plug & I haven't had a moment to spare to get one. The gardener dug about ½ the veg. patch,
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charged me 6/- & didn't put the naphthalene in as I told him. He's an obstinate old blighter, I saw he wasn't going to be bothered with it & went out again specially to remind him & he said he was doing it but he's made practically no impression on the tin of naphthalene. I see it’s no good expecting anyone to do things as I want. I may as well resign myself to doing it all alone. Tho' its freezing today & I haven't much time - & so many letters to write!
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There's been no letter from you today but the posts are very irregular now, so I'm still hoping. Lots of love, Ursula

Am definitely going gardening now!



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