Letter to Hedley Madgett's parents from D Souter



Letter to Hedley Madgett's parents from D Souter


Thanks them for photograph. The only news she has is that her son was officially presumed killed and that the bodies of P.O Bradley and Norton had been found and were buried 16 miles from the place they bombed. She writes that she has still not received her son's personal belongings but should do soon.


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Two page handwritten letter


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70 Abbots Way
May 26th

Dear Mr & Mrs Madgett,
I write so sincerely
Thank you for the photograph which you sent me, I will greatly treasure it, my son is the one standing next to Bob and the third boy is Robinson they called him Robbie the engineer. I am sorry to say the only news I have received is that my Son is officially presumed killed, and that the bodies of P. O. Bradly & Norton were found & buried 16 miles from the place they bombed, so that’s 3 of the crew lets hope the other 4 are safe and well somewhere. I still live in hopes of them turning up one day, poor chaps
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must have been badly hit up on that last journey.
I have not yet received my sons personal belongings, but should do so soon as I filled a form in 2 months ago to claim them, they then sent a letter to say they will return soon as they get instructions from the Air Ministry to do so, I’ve heard nothing since.
Once again thanking you for your kindness.
Yours Sincerely
D Souter


D Souter, “Letter to Hedley Madgett's parents from D Souter,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 15, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/18735.

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