Letter to Mr Madgett concerning son's personal effects



Letter to Mr Madgett concerning son's personal effects


Notes that his sons personal effects, listed on attached inventory have reached the central depository and will be held in safe custody. In the case of missing personnel permission to release items would not be for at least 6 months. If prisoner, effects only released on written request of officer or airman concerned. List of personal effects.



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Telephone Nos:-
COLNBROOK 231 - 232 - 233.

Central Depository,
Royal Air Force,

In reply please quote reference:-
CD/ [inserted] 147519/B11715 [/inserted]

[inserted] 8th October 1943 [/inserted]
[inserted] 147519 P/O Madgett H. R. [/inserted]

Dear [inserted] Sir, [/inserted]

The personal effects of your [inserted] son [/inserted] as listed on the [missing letter]ttached inventory have now reached this office from the Unit and will be held in safe custody pending the receipt of further evidence which will enable a conclusive classification of the casualty to be made.

In the case of casualties reported as “missing” unless definite evidence comes to light in the
meantime, authority to release the effects is not normally received from the Air Ministry until at
least six months from the date of the casualty, since official action to presume death is rarely taken
before the expiration of this period.

In the case of casualties ultimately reported “Prisoner of War”, the Air Ministry will as a general rule,
only authorise the release of effects on the written request of the officer or airman concerned. In
these circumstances, in order to expedite release, any original letter received from a Prisoner of War
in this connection should be forwarded to this office for perusal and early return.

In the meantime, may I be permitted to express my sympathy with you in this period of anxiety.

Yours faithfully,
[inserted] [signature] F/O [/inserted]
[inserted] C [/inserted] Squadron Leader, Commanding,
[underlined] R.A.F. Central Depository. [/underlined]
[inserted] L. R. Madgett Esq.
127 Longlands Road,
Kent. [/inserted]

[page break]

[underlined] B.11715 Personal Effects of 147519 P/O. Madgett, H. R. [/underlined]

1 black dressing case 3 studs
1 tunic 1 pr. woollen gloves
1 pr. trousers 2 prs. socks
1 pr. braces 1 hair brush
1 pr. sunglasses 1 pr. cycle clips
1 utility lighter 6 handkerchiefs
1 grey mottled Parker fountain pen 1 civilian brown cap
1 black zip note case 1 cycle pump
5 diaries 1 cycle lamp
1 driving licence 1 bunch keys on chain
1 address book 1 raincoat
1 dictionary (English-German) 1 forage cap
1 green zip writing case 1 pr. gloves
1 book of songs 1 vest
2 ties 1 pants
3 shirts 1 collar
5 collars 1 handkerchief
1 pr. pyjamas 1 shirt
1 raid souvenir 2 prs. socks
1 steel mirror

1 brown kit bag containing:-
2 bundles letters & photos
1 pr. khaki shorts
1 coathanger
1 left hand black glove
1 rubber
2 tooth brushes
1 torch
3 prs. pants
2 vests
1 soap tin
1 pr. shoes
1 kitbag handle & lock (outside kitbag)
4 towels
1 grey pullover
1 khaki shirt
1 penknife

Westminster Bank cheque book extracted by unit and forwarded to Air Ministry Accts. 13 Worcester.


Great Britain. Royal Air Force. Central Depository, “Letter to Mr Madgett concerning son's personal effects,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 21, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/18527.

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