Letter of condolence to Hedley Madgett's parents



Letter of condolence to Hedley Madgett's parents


In writers thoughts, especially on Hedley's birthday. Hope he might be a prisoner of war. Recalls visits and catches up with other news. From Ede. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.



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Three page handwritten letter


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My Dear Amy & Bob [symbol]
Whilst I can only say that you are often in my thoughts, you will be particularly so tomorrow, on Hedley's birthday.
It will be sad & yet the strong hope, that even such a message as 'A prisoner in Germany' would be the most welcome gift to receive.
Yesterday, Alice, Harry & Joyce came & Hedley was very much with us. You see – on that first night in from Canada, he called & stayed the night & to us all, in his naturalness we were able to see what a nice

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boy he had grown – & of course since then, I was able to see more of him whilst he was with me.
I had two photographs of [missing letter]im, so passed one on to Alice. I also spoke to Margaret on the 'phone yesterday – I wrote to her a week ago – Her heart is very wide & understanding & has not seen Hedley personally, but knows the photograph. She would like to write but feels she can't, so will you accept all her thoughts [missing word] your anxiousness.
I liked Bob's cheeriness on the 'phone last Sunday & felt uplifted after the conversation. I wasn't on duty at the time, but Mrs Niven was, so was able to

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put me through.
May God bless you both, holding on to that promise “I shall be with you” – the promise which never ends – [missing letter]he sacred Bondship of Man's Great Friend of Friends. Grief can be shared by our nearest friends, which is where I can take a part & trust in Faith & prayer, that wherever Hedley is God in his own direction will be protecting and guiding him.
So Bye Bye to you both – I have just come off duty & want to make for the post. Will 'phone you when I can.
If I get some days off during the end of the year, shall I come to you to stay?
All my love


“Letter of condolence to Hedley Madgett's parents,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 23, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/18519.

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