Inmates in the Udine prison being liberated by partisans. Part 1



Inmates in the Udine prison being liberated by partisans. Part 1


Partisans disguised as fascists pretend to escort “Romano” to the yard of the Udine prison. He is wearing a dark cloak and a wide-brimmed hat. A German officer stands in front of the prison gate from which light is seeping out. The prison wall and another building are visible in the background.

Label reads “239”: signed by the author; caption reads “29 FEBBRAIO [sic]. UDINE 1945 condannati a morte per reati politici, attendono la loro fine nelle carceri di via Spalato, fra’ di essi vi’ e’ anche “diavolo” un partigiano catturato in quei giorni. Ma i “diavoli rossi” una quadra di GAP comandata da un uomo che rasentava il limite, tra’ la realta’, e la leggenda, Romano era il suo nome di battaglia, i nazisti avevano messo una forte taglia sulla sua testa. E lui travestendo i compagni da guardie repubblicane simula una cattura.. un famigerato maresciallo nazista, appena lo vede esclama: oh! Finalmente Romano sei venuto a trovarci.”

Caption translates as: “29 February 1945, Udine. (1) Fifteen people, who were sentenced to death for political offences, await their fate in the Via Spalato prison. Amongst them the “devil”, a partisan who was arrested at that time. The “red devils”, members of the Patriotic Action Groups, were led by Romano (this was his nom de guerre), a man who skirted the line between reality and myth. The Nazis put a huge bounty on his head. He made his companions disguise themselves as fascist militiamen to fake an arrest… An infamous German marshal saw him and exclaimed: “Oh! Romano, you finally came to see us…”.

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One tempera on paper, pasted on mount board


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Angiolino Filiputti, “Inmates in the Udine prison being liberated by partisans. Part 1,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed July 21, 2024,

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