Letter from Bill Akrill to his mother



Letter from Bill Akrill to his mother


Bill writes that he is looking forward to coming home on leave in a week's time. All the parades have paid off since they have been given some extra leave. Before then have a whole week of exams. Trying to find out about the trains, but will have to let her know later.




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[Raf crest]
[No. 1436220 Akrill
A.4. 6. I.T.W. Raf.
Friday 14 Nov ‘41
Dearest Mum,
Just one more week!! Think of it — a week tonight you’ll be sitting up with a saucepan of milk on the little stand by the fire (which will be nearly out with some logs thrown on the cinders) You’ll have a basin ready with bread & sugar & salt & you’ll be knitting & reading & sleeping in a cold room with everybody else in bed waiting for the lost one to return. I can just picture you doing all this – just as you’ve done it hundreds of times before! I want you to take my
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advice & got to bed as it’ll be morning before I get home I expect. We’re going to find out about trains tomorrow so I’ll let you know what I can before I post this. I don’t think our train gets into Shrewsbury our nearest link with civilisation until 4 or 5 in the afternoon. It’s a terrible journey across Wales & then I have to cross England. And now for a piece of good news. Last Monday we had the Squadron Dance when the cup was presented. Well the Wing Com. said nice things about the Squadron Leader, the Squadron Leader said nice things about the Wing Commander, everybody cheered and the Wing Com. gave the whole squadron 48hrs leave and we are adding ours to our 7 days & so instead of coming back on Saturday we have to be back at 23.59 on Monday
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[Raf crest]
We don’t mind all this stupid drill & stuff if it means extra leave! I think we’ll all be ready for it. The continuous swotting is telling on everybody. I shall be very thankful when I can at last sit down to the exams.
We have Mouse Buzzer first thing Monday, Aldi’s lamp Tuesday, Armaments Wednesday, Law,, Hygiene, Aircraft Rec, Thursday and Navigation last but by no means least on Friday.
Do you know I can hardly realise that I’ll be home at last in a week. I seem to have been talking about it for months. I think I shall spend most of my time in bed. Certainly I’m going to have a quiet restful time as I’m feeling a bit tired with a cold come on this last day or two. Everyone’s the same.
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I’ll have plenty of stitching for you to do. My trousers are held with safety pins & broken braces. Can’t make buttons stay on. My tunic’s parted body from soul & split up the seams & I’ve not yet stitched on my V.R badges. Wish I could bring you my [one indecipherable word] to stich on but I don’t get them ‘till I get back, having passed all exams.
Had a parcel from the R.T.G’s as they called themselves — Balaclava, big slab choc, & some grapenuts! Must write & thank them when I get home. Well must get some work done — writing it in bad, finish it tomorrow
[underlined] Sun: [/underlined] There is a train vis Crewe& Denby arrives Nottn.] 10.11p.m.
Went to Stn. Today but it was closed (Everything closes here on a Sun) Will try again tomorrow & let you know something more definite as soon as I can.
What a scandal about Kathlene Millns! Seems to be causing a sensation all the soldiers going!
See you Fri (or Sat)



William Akrill, “Letter from Bill Akrill to his mother,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 4, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/18002.

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