Letter from Bill Akrill to Mary



Letter from Bill Akrill to Mary


Writes from 'The Freugh, nr Stranraer'. Catches up with post and thanks for sending letters and parcels. Catches up with news of family and acquaintances, Writes of gardening and speculates about leave. He is disappointed that the RAF will not sanction a lift by plane from Scotland south.




Two page handwritten letter


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Had gunnery exam today & saw the films we’d taken in the cinema.

The Freugh.
[underlined] Tues [/underlined] nr. Stranraer.

Dear Mary,

Still haven’t got this letter posted to tell you I’d got Lizzie O.K. Got your letter in this morning’s post & very pleased to have it. You’re all jolly good to [deleted] cat [/undeleted] send me letters & parcels. I was surprised today to with a letter which turned out to be from Joyce. It was nice of her to write.

I was sorry to hear about Daisy’s foal. What a pity. We pass 4 beauties on the way to Stranraer.

Must say you do seem to be slogging in the garden. I would like to see it. I wish I could see those pink - sweet William plants in flower. Was very interested in them. They are an experiment in cross breeding by Allwoods the Carnation people.

[page break]

Pity they’re in the rose bed but I thought they’d get lost.

I wouldn’t mind a week’s beet singling now. Don’t know when I’ll get leave. May be sooner or much later than Aug. Just don’t know what we’re doing. I like to know where I am & then I can work better. Do you know how Joyce Blow gets from Stranraer? Wish I could get a lift in a kite going that way but they won’t do it.

I’d love to see all the snaps you took & those of Michael as well. If you sent the prints you have now I’d let you have them straight back. Wonder how that one Mum took of me & Mrs. Hit came out. Has the old girl any ducks yet?

Poor old Dave will be in it by now. His firing was pretty hot.

Will get this posted. Oh rabbit pie. Still its nice to know there are still such things! [underlined] Bill [/underlined]



William Akrill, “Letter from Bill Akrill to Mary,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 2, 2022, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/17980.

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