Photographs and memorabilia of Keith Thompson's first journey to Christmas Island June-July 1956



Photographs and memorabilia of Keith Thompson's first journey to Christmas Island June-July 1956


206 Sqdn badge and small photographs of two Shackletons. Captioned ‘No. 206 Squadron St. Eval Feb’ 56 - Jan’58 St. Mawgan Jan – May ’58 Flying – Shackleton Mk.1 (Maritime Recce)’.
Three b/w photographs captioned 'Idris, Libya, Cooling off'.
One small b/w photgraphs captioned 'Local children Mauripur, Karachi'.
Three small b/w photographs captioned 'Changi, Singapore, Main Street & billet'.
One official head and shoulders portrait of Keith Thompson captioned 'April '56'.
RAF issue docket for detachment bedding at Fiji Islands.
Photographs of Valiant, Canberra, Shackleton.
Navigation plot of flight from Honolulu to Christmas Island Oct 1957. Planning chart for flight from St Eval to Christmas Island June 1956.
Amendment to AP 3192A,
Planning chart return flight from Christmas Island to St Eval.
The crew and passenger list for the flight out to Christmas Island.


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Nine b/w photographs, colour squadron badge, planning charts, navigation chart on an album page



PThompsonKG15010098, PThompsonKG15010099, PThompsonKG15010100, PThompsonKG15010101, PThompsonKG15010102, PThompsonKG15010103, PThompsonKG15010104, PThompsonKG15010108

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Two aircraft with air & ground crew flew east to Canton Island, mid Pacific where we uplifted the advance party & kit (included one RAF bicycle) to take them to Christmas Island to prepare for the H Bomb tests. The runway was WWII crushed coral. The Americans left. We stayed in Honolulu on SAR/Casevac standby for two weeks, when a RAF Hastings took over. 5 June-15 July '56. Flying by Cyprus on our way home, we heard a "Mayday" call. The two crew of a Vampire jet had ejected, one was the first Air Officer to eject, Air Vice Marshall Boyce, at this time. one of our signallers was the first to see a survivor, we marked his position by a smoke float & he was soon picked up by a 'copter.& was guide to the second member who was also rescued.13 July '56. We continued then onto Idris & home. 5 June-14 July '56'.



“Photographs and memorabilia of Keith Thompson's first journey to Christmas Island June-July 1956,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 15, 2021,

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