Worth Matravers



Worth Matravers


Photograph of rocky coast line captioned 'The "Boys" at Worth'. Annotated 'From here I went to Uxbridge for my "Demob" suit, on leave from July to Sept 1946'.
Photograph of rural coast line with lattice tower in fore ground, captioned 'Ringstead 240ft tower east of Weymouth'.
Photograph of bride and groom, he has AG brevet and Flying Officer rank braids. Captioned 'Betty Sumner, (Jessies cousin), and & Eddie' Duckett'.
Colour post card of building on a sand bank, captioned 'First and last house in England, Land's End'.
Newspaper clipping shows Wing Commander presenting certificate to cadet, Keith Thompson and one other person in uniform in shot. Caption' Wing commander E.A. Umbers presenting proficiency certificates to cadets of the Rotherham A.T.C. at the Corps Headquarters on Tuesday night (Advertiser photo). Annotated 'Joined No 218 A.T.C. Squadron, Rotherham, where "Recruiters" twisted my arm to return the R.A.F. September 1950 & I served to June 1978 (Total 32 years).'



Three b/w photographs, one colour post card, and newspaper clipping on an album page


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