The 'Smithy Bar'



The 'Smithy Bar'


The bar was named after Group Captain Denis Peter John Smith DFC CBE. The text describes the man and there is a photograph of crew under the nose of an aircraft and a second photograph has two airmen standing at the rear of an aircraft. It is annotated 'West of Pocklington 10 miles' and 'My Pub also - Eric'.



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[inserted] WEST OF POCKLINGTON [symbol] 10 MILES [/inserted]


[underlined] The ‘Smithy’ Bar [/underlined]
The ‘Smithy Bar’ is named after one of our sadly missed locals Group Captain Denis Peter John Smith D.F.C. C.B.E. who sadly passed away in 2007.

Smithy wore his distinction lightly. He volunteered for service in the Royal Air Force in July 1942, when he was just 20. He wanted to be a pilot, But at that time the R.A.F. did not need pilots. So Smithy became an air gunner with 76 Squadron on Halifax’s, [sic] chosen usually to fly in the rear turret of the Wing Commander’s aircraft. Against terrible odds he flew two tours. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross (Pictured to the right in the left hand picture and third from left in the upper row in the above picture)

Denis was a cartoonist and a draughtsman of real skill – Look at the walls around you in the bar, a man who enjoyed a drink but not to excess, a quietly effective helper of his neighbours and the community. In war and peace a brave man, a distinguished man, a loyal servant of his Sovereign, an Officer and a Gentleman.

[inserted] ‘ [deleted letters] MY PUB’ ALSO - Eric. [/inserted]



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