To Jessie from Harry Redgrave



To Jessie from Harry Redgrave


Written by Harry Redgrave to Jessie from RAF Upwood. Harry includes about their plans to meet in Peterborough.




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Sgts Mess
R.A.F. Station
Mon. 19.8.40

Dear Jessie,
I am going to try and write this in between phone calls so I sit at my desk as Duty Pilot in the Watch Office.
As I told you in my last letter I could not get out Saturday night but was fortunate to get to Peterboro[sic] Sunday evening and withal it was late managed to contact a policemans[sic] wife who may be able to accommodate you. I have to go again tomorrow night (Tuesday) to see if everything is O.K.

Providing its all arranged I will send you a wire to proceed to Peterboro [sic] to the address I will give you in this letter, and I will hang on to this until tomorrow when I will include a travel warrant. I am sending your case on and if it does not reach you in time you must leave none of your things behind for Ethel to send on. Take my tip[?] and have light things and then it wont[sic] cost so much to pack on. If you have not already been to the billetting [sic] officer you should go at the first opportunity and fix up for a transfer of your allowance.

I am hoping to have you up here by Saturday so you can look forward to a happy evening with your husband.

Harry xxxx


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