To Jessie from Harry Redgrave



To Jessie from Harry Redgrave


A letter from Harry Redgrave to Jessie while at RAF Dumfries. He has just taken his examinations and provided he passes will be posted to the No. 17 Operational Training Unit at RAF Upwood. Trying to arrange for them to meet in London.




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L.A.C. Redgrave R. C.
11 O.A. Course
R.A.F. Station
Thurs 24-7-40

Dear Jessie,
Many thanks for your nice long letters but I am afraid this letter to you will be rather short. Reason is I want you to get this by Friday evening.

We had no exams yesterday and providing I had I am being posted to No. 17 O.T.U. Upwood. This is near Peterborough and only 18 miles from Cambridge and we hope to get away Friday night or Saturday morning and to be able to get a night in London. If this is O.K. I want you see if you can leave Pamela with Ethel and Horace and go up to Auntie Nellies[sic] for the week end. To do this you must leave Dorchester Saturday morning and wait for me at Aunties[sic]. Dont [sic] take this letter as definite as I will send you a confirmatory telegram.

Its[sic] a pity I cant [sic] get to Dorchester but still I hope see you at Teddington. Love to All from
your loving husband
Harry xxx

P.S. Just heard passed the exam


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