To Jessie from Harry Redgrave



To Jessie from Harry Redgrave


A letter from Harry to his wife Jessie discussing the payment of a debt, his signals test and arrangements for her trip to see him in Scotland. He has managed to arrange somewhere for Jessie to stay and will send travel details nearer the time.




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Three handwritten sheets and an envelope


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Mrs H.C. Redgrave
Oaken Grange Drive
Southend on Sea Essex

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Wed. 1.4.40.

Dear Jessie,

Your letter of yesterday told me you had paid Mr. Tickett so we must manage the best we can. I am glad he was alright about the balance of my account and I hope very soon to square him up.

Yesterday we had our signals test. Buzzing and aldis lamp receiving and transmission. In all there were 400 characters in the test and I had 19 mistakes which was classified average. As I felt weak about the aldis lamp I am very satisfied with the result. The bottom chap had 86 mistakes. Thats [sic] one more hurdle I’m over.

About your holiday darling I went round to several places this evening and have fixed up for us to have a room in a nice bungalow where you can have your meals out whilst I am at the aerodrome or cook them there. The lady is going to charge us £1 for the room and we can

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arrange as we like for eats. I thought it best like that as we can be out when we like and home for a meal if we require it. As I do not know what leave I shall get you may have a few days on your own but you must fill them in the best you can. You will no doubt find plenty to do. It seems about time I told you when you are coming here, well I suggest you can get here on the Friday before Whit Monday that is next Friday from when you receive this letter [underlined] May 10th [/underlined] and stay until the following Thursday. Thats [sic] a clear week away from here. Do you think Pamela will be alright?

It will be a long journey for you and you must decide whether you will [deleted] trael [/deleted] travel by day or by night. Let me know whether you will start Thursday afternoon or Friday morning. I recommend Thursday afternoon and then you can catch the 9.15 PM from Euston which will get you to Prestwick by 9.20 AM. Friday we can decide later when you go home.

You must answer by return post so that

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I can tell the landlady definitely when to except you. Once you have replied stating that its [sic] O.K. and when you intend to travel I will give you some detailed instructions as how to get here and the name and address of where we shall stay. I shall also include your travel warrant and the money for the fare and you must check the train times and route from Southend Station.

Cash wont [sic] be too plentiful so if you can bring any with you all the better and dont [sic] forget your ration book.

I must get on with my swotting so cheerio until we see each other again

Give my love to all and say I am hoping to see them all again before I go to gunnery school

Lots of love darling
Harry xxxxx

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Harry Redgrave, “To Jessie from Harry Redgrave,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed January 27, 2022,

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