To Jessie from Harry Redgrave



To Jessie from Harry Redgrave


A letter from Harry to his wife Jessie. Harry has just finished his Maths examination and is very tired mentally. He discusses plans for his leave at Easter and tells Jessie how much he misses her.




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Monkton Ayrshire

Dear Jessie,
The Maths exam has gone off all right and I think I did quite well. It was not too difficult and in fact the homework paper I have been doing today in Magnetism was much harder.

Im [sic] beginning to feel mentally tired out and am looking forward more and more to a few days with you in which I can forget all this work and enjoy some walks and talks with you and Pam. A week passed suddenly yesterday for I have been thinking that Good Friday was March 29 underlined] th [/underlined] and that it was another three weeks to Easter. You can imagine my pleasure when I learnt that it was only Friday week. That turned my thoughts in other directions and I bought the P.O. which I have enclosed. Will you send me a Time Table and then I may

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be able to let you know just what time I shall arrive and I would love you to meet me. Just think eleven more days if alls [sic] well and oh darling I shall want to kiss and cuddle you for hours and have you curled up beside me on the settee and so, far into the night we’ll talk and talk and it will just be like the old days before this wretched war.

Last night I saw an amusing film with Robertson Hare and Revnell and West called “So this is London” and with it “Mr Moto on Danger Isle” and after the cinema had a bit of supper in the Broadway Cafe and came home and went straight to bed and was asleep before eleven. This morning there was no church parade as I had a lay in until 8.30 and felt better for nine hours [sic] solid sleep.
Today I have been writing up notes and am just going to have a bath and after tea we are going to the Film Society Show. Wish you were coming dear. Never mind we shall soon be going to the flicks together again.

Always your loving
Harry xxxxx
[inserted] Xxx Pamela [/inserted]


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