To Jessie from Harry Redgrave



To Jessie from Harry Redgrave


A letter and envelope from Harry to his wife Jessie. He writes that he has passed his exam, about hearing of a friend who has been killed and how keen he is to have leave to see her.




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Four handwritten sheets and an envelope


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Mrs. H.C. Redgrave
Oaken Grange Dr.

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Thursday 29.2.40

Dearest Jessie,
Thank you for your nine pages today I think that breaks all records.

I have posted a letter tonight with 30/- in and postscript to say I have passed this exam. I do not know the figures yet but will finish this tomorrow when perhaps I shall. Out of the 57 in our squad 8 failed on this exam and as there is another in six weeks I suppose several will then but I keep trying hard and as I hope to be home before then for a leave I shall return to it like a new man. You are going to be very smart for my return arent [sic] you my dear. I shall be proud to take you out.
Sorry to hear that Milly has got a

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cough. Tell her all the news Sunday and ask her to write me a line.
I had a letter from Dick today and he has told me about Webster. Rotten luck isn’t it [sic]. I remember him quite well and feel deeply for his wife and children. St Athans seems to have struck a bad patch.

The cutting you said you enclosed is not here although I can well imagine how he looks. It seems to me that the observers do all the work and the pilots get all the praise.

Is Pamela alright again now. I hope she is not sickening for an illness and that it is only her teeth. Tom seems to be getting about a bit and if Joyce comes back just explain about the cash and she will make it right with you. Xxxx

Will write some more tomorrow.

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Saturday afternoon.
So you have been to Milly’s after all I hope you enjoyed yourself. The weather has been wonderful here today. Not a cloud in the sky and the sun is very warm. It makes me feel that Spring is on the way and today being the first of March makes me realise that I shall soon be home. Just think dear at the end of this month we shall be cuddling up together holding each other so tight for hours and hours. If it appears that you will be crowded Easter why not ask Joyce to go to Toms [sic] home for my leave and I shall not want you to have any work to do so that I can be with you the whole time.

I have not heard any more other than I have passed my exam and I

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hope I justify your confidence in me by getting 80%. One of the failures was one of the boys at Redbrae although you dont [sic] know him I will point him out in pictures when I come home. He has taken his discharge and will be home in about a fortnight the alternative being a W.O.A.G. at 2/- a day.

I am just going to get ready to go to Ayr to get haircut and a frame for your portrait. I am keeping the big one in our sitting room and the postcard in my bedroom. The boys like it immensely. I should love to know what you were thinking when you sitting [sic] for it. See if you can remember.

Give my love to Mum and Pamela and Owen and thank her for writing Pams [sic] letter.
My fondest love for you dear.
Harry xxxxx


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