To Jessie from Harry Redgrave



To Jessie from Harry Redgrave


A letter, envelope and two-page typed document from Harry to his wife Jessie. He writes about training including two bumpy flights in a Fokker. He encloses a photo taken in the snow and his mathematical paper from the Air Observer School.




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Six handwritten and two typewritten sheets and an envelope


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[inserted] 43 [/inserted]
Mrs H.C. Redgrave
Oaken Grange Dr.

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Tues. 14-2-40

Dear Jessie
Thank you for yesterdays Standard and your letter you finished Sunday night. Its much easier to follow up letters now they are arriving sooner and when you mentioned listening to [indecipherable word] Book for 1930 it was nice to remember that I did the same. Not bad was it. I enjoyed the pieces from King of Jazz especially "Dawn is Breaking".
From your cuttings of the News of the World it would appear as if tartan skirts are the thing and I will see if the jumpers can [missing word] bought like that up here.
I have enclosed a picture taken during the snow and will forward the Sunday snaps as soon as developed.

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You will be getting quite an album of my wartime activities. They will do to show the children in later years dear.
The long awaited exam did not appear on Monday and I think it will be taken in the Mid Term that is Thursday week. There is some talk of the course being extended to 20 weeks but I have not heard anything official. Instead of an exam we had a whole days flying. It was terribly bumpy in the Fokker and we ran into snowstorms which made it terribly cold. The machine is too big to bump in the usual way and just rolls the whole time and chap next to me became greener and greener until he finally grasped a paper bag provided and sicked his heart up. This proved to [sic] much for me and made me reach [sic] two or three times but I was not sick. We were up for two hours in the morning and as

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we were sitting right at the back where the rolling is worst the chap could hardly be blamed. After a dinner of soup, mutton and beans and bread and butter pudding I had to go up again for two hours but this time sat in the same place but with a different person and was quite alright. The morning flight was a map reading exercise which was rather dull but in the afternoon we did wind finding by pin pointing which was much more interesting. Today we have been at the Mill doing Photography Maths Magnetism and Met. Tuesday and Wednesday is comprised of taking notes all day and partly explains my awful writing. We have to write so quick [sic] that ones hand gets worse and worse.
There is a Blenheim Squadron here

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that arrived yesterday [deleted] here [/deleted] for night flying training. My word they can move and have been scudding round the aerodrome all day. Im looking forward to when I've finished all this studying and am posted to a Squadron.
Sorry to hear Pamela is not quite up to the mark but hope the teeth will soon be right and that she does not make you too much washing. How I would love to see you in your new dress I bet you look beutiful [sic]. You must turn out pretty smart these days. It seems we have both had a new rig out this winter, though I did get a new overcoat even [inserted] if [/inserted] it was R.A.F blue
Pamela must be getting quite conversational these days and I feel much happier for having her because it gives you something to live for, and a duty for you to discharge. Having something to do is

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the only preventative for boredom and I think you would be feeling rather fed up without her. Also she is a part of me I have left with you so make her into a nice girl that I shall be proud of.
Thursday is pay day so I will send off your Pound then and will send a P.O. for it. At the moment I have 2 1/2d so pay parade will be very welcome though I get two shillings a fortnight less here. It goes down to my account but still I cant spend that. I want to go carefully this next month so that we can have a day or two together very soon. Will you be O.K for the 9th of March or did things go wrong the last time. Did I tell you I had written to Aunt Nellie and Joyce last Sunday week although I have not had a reply. Has Stan cleaned my byke [sic] yet?
I am enclosing some of my test papers that we have to do they

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might interest you but you must not leave them about as I should get into trouble if word got back.
We are going to be medically examined soon. A proper one blowing up mercury and holding breath and all the performance I had at Palmeria Towers again so I may even be sent home yet.
I have just drunk my evening cocoa and think of you having your supper and wish I were with you, still [deleted] I [/deleted] I shall be soon again so goodnight my dear all my love to you both. Thank Agnes and Gwen for their letters and give them my love.

heaps of love
Harry xxxxx

P.S. Give Mum a kiss for me.

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[Air Observer School Mathematics - Paper 5]

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[Air Observer School Mathematics - Test Paper 1]


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