To Jessie from Harry Redgrave



To Jessie from Harry Redgrave


A letter and envelope from Harry Redgrave to Jessie. He has sent her a present of a tartan skirt and remarks about the amount of homework his has to do.

The back of the envelope has been reused for household accounts.




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Four handwritten sheets and an envelope


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4 FEB 1940

[postage stamp]

[inserted] H.C. M E Redgrave [/inserted]
Mrs N.C. Redgrave
Oaken Grange Dr.[sic]
Southend on Sea

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[expenses for groceries]

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Sat 3.2.40

My darling Jessie,

Thank you very much for your card and your something in the post. I have not received that yet [deleted] by [/deleted] but one of the boys has just gone down to the post office so he may bring it back. Well theres [sic] not much to report other than plenty of hard work and nightly bouts of homework. Thursday we were given a paper on Magnetism to do Friday a Maths test paper and today an exam paper on Maps and Charts. All these are to be done in our spare time as test papers to see how we are progressing. Next Monday week we sit our Maths exam that is Feb 12 [underlined] th [/underlined] so I expect all next week our evenings will be spent doing more test papers. If work will get us through the school will see we pass. The result of this exam goes

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towards the mid-term exam which is in all subjects. In the mid term [sic]results they weed out all those who they think will not get by and suspend them. They have not had a single failure in the finals so the evidently make sure that those who pass the mid term [sic] get through. I have only been out one night this week when I went to the pictures and saw “The Story of Irene and Vernon Castle” which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was showing at the Broadway Cinema which is a very nice place. Seats are cheaper here than Bexhill back stalls being only 9d. [deleted] Mo [/deleted] All the boys are going out tonight so I am taking the chance to get some letter writing done. I went to Ayr this afternoon and had a haircut the first since I have been here. As I am not home to take you out I have sent you a little gift which I hope you will like. It is a tartan skirt and if you don’t think it is quite the thing send it back and I will change it. I went in to buy you a jumper but after seeing about a dozen

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and not being able to make up my mind I suddenly realised that you have several jumpers and not many skirts so I asked the young lady to show me some and anyhow the results [sic] in the post. Your remarks about a more leisured time made me think you have misunder-stood my letters. I suggest you look up in the dictionary the meaning of leisure and if you can reconcile that with doing maths up till eleven at night I’ll eat my hat. Still as you say things could be a lot worse and a cosy billet means a lot. I wish you could come and help me. [deleted] Remb [/deleted] Remember how we used to recite The Three Course Method in bed. It seems a long time ago doesn’t it Dear. [sic] I’m ever so glad to hear you are getting around. Let me know as soon as you hear anything about Dick or Alf though as far as I know they are still in Bexhill. From what I have heard the whole squadron had to sit for the maths exam and only

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three passed. The three went to Blackford and the rest have stayed on at Bexhill even those who passed there [sic] first paper. In my last letter I included P.O. for £1-7-3 let me know you have received it safely. Don’t you think I am a good husband [sic] Paid at five o’clock and your money off at half past. Well dear thats [sic] all for tonight I would like to tell you how much I love you but I can only write it. Darling I love you again and again.

Your ever loving husband
Harry xxxxx

P.P. Give Pamela my love and kisses


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