To Jessie from Harry Redgrave



To Jessie from Harry Redgrave


A five-page handwritten letter and envelope from Harry Redgrave to his wife Jessie. Harry describes the harsh weather, a trip into Ayr to see an ice hockey match and to the cinema. He includes a chart with his lesson timetable.




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Five handwritten sheets and an envelope


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6 –PM
22 JAN 40

Mrs H.C. Redgrave
Oaken Grange Drive
Southend on Sea

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Sun 21 [underlined] st [/underlined]

My dear Jessie,

Hullo [sic] darling it is still as cold in Southend? It snowed very hard again Thursday and Friday up here and the flying field is about six inches deep. The bad weather prevented me flying Thursday but shall be tomorrow. This snow has provided a use for the gaiters and they do keep the bottoms of the trousers dry. If you are wearing trousers I suggest you get a pair. I imagine you look right smart in slacks and pixie hat I’d give a lot to see you my dear. I was sorry to hear the hot water system had passed out and hope you are able to have the fire going again now. You must have been cold and miserable all of you. Theres [sic] nothing worse than being cold especially with no one to cuddle you up warm. Its [sic] cold in the school here but we make up for that in Redbrae when we sit [deleted] aroung [/deleted] around our sitting room fire at night doing our homework or reading. I had a laugh when you wrote that Mrs Franklins water was frozen and hope that

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She has since thawed out. Still joking aside it must be very inconvenient for her. I hope your finger is getting better and be careful what you do with yourself I want to come back to a complete Jessie. Hard luck the snow in the loft dear you know when I come back there wont [sic] be any-thing I can do that you can’t and I shall be just a doubtful ornament about the place. I am glad you wrote to Aunt Nellie and I hardly find time to anybody [sic] I even missed you between Wednesday and today. Thursday night we strolled into the town for the first time and had a beer in the Red Lion but soon came back as it was so cold. On Friday the seven of us at Redbrae caught the bus into Ayr and saw the ice hockey match between Ayr and Dunfermline. Ice hockey must be the most exciting of all games to watch and I was thrilled from start to finish. If you get a chance to go to London to see [inserted] a [/inserted] match you must certainly take it. There are six a side that is three forwards two defence and on in goal and the puck is rather like s very thick rubber heel you know one of the round ones and the players on skates and with ice hockey sticks simply dart about and the game runs from attack to defence with great speed. Last night we went to Ayr and looked around the town and ended up in a cinema and saw Only Angels have Wings. On the buses here they have lady conductors, big strapping girls they are to. Whilst in Ayr I bought Mum a birthday present a knitting bag but if you get this letter first don’t tell her as it will be a nice

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Surprise for her. I’ll write a letter tomorrow night to arrive on her birthday. Just had another look at your letters and [deleted] will [/deleted] we have to be in by 11PM weekdays 12 Saturdays although I have not been out so late myself. We have our midday meal at the drome [sic] and the rest at Redbraes [sic]. Sats and Sundays all meals here and girlie what meals. What a pity it is that Pams phone is not a real one and then I could have a little talk with you now and again. That cold I had last week end has turned to a nasty cough but I suppose it will soon go. Well dear look after your-self and Pamela and keep warm. Give my love to all

From your loving husband
Harry xxxxx

P.S. I was paid some money on Thursday so am sending you £1. 10/- I owe you and 10/- for one week allowance. That squares us up. Let me know if you have any trouble changing this Scottish pound note. H.C.R.

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