Aircrew and Halifax



Aircrew and Halifax


Top - eleven personnel, mostly aircrew standing in line in front of the nose of a Halifax. They are wearing a variety of uniform or flying clothing. The Halifax has nose art showing a reclining lady with letters 'Sleepy Gal'. Bottom - eight aircrew wearing battledress or tunic with peaked and side caps standing in line in front of the nose of Halifax, coded DT-T of B Flight, 192 Squadron, just post war at RAF Foulsham. On the aircraft nose art showing a kangaroo and a bomb with words 'Mathews & Co. Express delivery service'. Below the cockpit, five rows of ten operation symbols in the form of kangaroos. Behind the cockpit a swastika. Flight Lieutenant Mathews RAAF is fourth from the left, David Donaldson (Officer Commanding 192 Squadron is fourth from the right. Squadron Leader John H Crotch DFC, B Flight Commander and caretaker Officer Commanding 192 Squadron at disbandment and absorption by the Radio Warfare Establishment is third from the right. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

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