To Jessie from Harry Redgrave



To Jessie from Harry Redgrave


Letter from Harry Redgrave to his wife Jessie. He writes about the journey back from leave and the day's training.




Two handwritten sheets


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Bexhill on Sea
Mon Evening
Dear Jessie
I had a terribly tiring journey back Sunday night and did not get in until a quarter to twelve. By quite a coincidence I ran into the chap I travelled up with when crossing Victoria Station and so I had company from there. Dick Vale and Mountstephen got back this morning and caught the 7.48 from Southend. That’s the train I shall catch in a fortnights time. Just fourteen days Darling and I shall be with you for two whole days and three nights.
We’ve had a hard day today, just getting into our stride, we had an hours [sic] lecture and two hours drill this morning and two lectures and marching this afternoon. Breakfast was pretty awful this morning but dinner and tea was pretty good.
I’ve been talking to Dick this evening and would you pack and send on our book on Modern Marriage
[page break]
I can’t write any more tonight as all the chaps are talking and relating that weekend experiences. I went to bed early and am writing this in bed so forgive the writing
We have started Morse and have receive at six words a minute. Well it’s lights out so I cannot say any more
All my love
[inserted] Kiss like that
30/- empties
Butter show you how [/inserted]


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