Death of Don Giuseppe Treppo



Death of Don Giuseppe Treppo


Two civilians have been shot and are lying on the ground whilst a soldier is beating Don Giuseppe Treppo on the head with a baton. A soldier is shooting in the background. Other civilians are featured in different poses.

Label reads “161”; signed by the author; caption reads “CARNIA. Ottobre 1944. L’arresto della spedizione punitive avvenne per lo sganciamento dei patrioti, cosi la macchina da Guerra tesa per un’azione a fondo si scaricò in pieno contro i primi paesi oltre Tolmezzo. L’operazione di rastrellamento inesorabile cruda e pronta fu ingente nella somma delle devastazioni 14 uccisi, fra essi Don Giuseppe Treppo parroco di Imponza, assasinato mentre tentava di difendere le donne dagli attentati della soldataglia russa. Tutta la popolazione era stata presente al calvario dell’eroico sacerdote, costretto dalla soldataglia a procedere a braccia alzate, sotto feroci bastonature, fino all‘orto dove una fucilata pose fine al tormento.”

Caption translates as: “Carnia, October 1944. The withdrawal of the patriots stopped the reprisal. The war machine - set up for a devastating blow - unleash its fury on the first villages beyond Tolmezzo. The sweeping operation was so relentless, swift, and brutal that the death toll of the devastation was enormous: 14 people were killed. Amongst them, was Father Giuseppe Treppo, vicar of Imponzo. He was assassinated while defending some women from the aggressions of the Russian troops. The whole population of the village witnessed the suffering of the heroic priest. He was forced by the troops to walk holding his hands up – while they were beating him with a baton – up to the vegetable garden where a shot put an end to his sufferings.”

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One tempera on paper, pasted on mount board


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