Cossack occupation of the Carnia region



Cossack occupation of the Carnia region


On a clear day in the mountains, armed Cossacks are passing through a valley, using camels and a horse and cart to transport goods. In the foreground, one figure is pointing to the right.

Label reads “158”; signed by the author; caption reads “CARNIA OTTOBRE 1944. Cessata l’azione bellica tutti i paesi furono invasi, assistemmo per 3 settimane ad un vero insediamento migratorio, via via che l’enorme marea umana si rovesciava sulla regione. L’occupazione russa fu terribilmente dura, massiccia pesante prepotente. Dopo gli attacchi aerei su Tolmezzo, i cosacchi occuparono il sud della Carnia, i caucasici il nord vi facevano parte cosacchi del Don, del Kuban, circassi e grusini georgiani con al seguito le famiglie, a Verzegnis pur una ventina di cammelli.”

Caption translates as: “Carnia, October 1944. As the military operation ceased, all countries were invaded. For three weeks, we witnessed a real migratory settlement, as the human mass flowed into the region. The Russian occupation was terribly harsh, brutal, and aggressive. After the air raids to Tolmezzo, the Cossacks occupied the south of the Carnia region. The Caucasians from the north formed part of the Don River Cossacks, from the Kuban region; they were Circassians, North Macedonian, and Georgians, together with their families. In Verzegnis, even twenty camels were present.”

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One tempera on paper, pasted on mount board


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