Ventura over Dunkirk and Dunkirk docks



Ventura over Dunkirk and Dunkirk docks


On the left an aerial vertical photograph of town, canal and docks. A canal zigzags from top left down, right and the left back towards dockyard in the bottom left. A town with dwellings and industrial areas lies mostly to the right of canal. The front portion of a Ventura can be seen half way up the right side flying right to left.

On the right an aerial vertical photograph of interconnected dock basins. On the left open sea with coastline running top to bottom. Towards the top an inlet with sea walls either side. Just below the middle on the coast a narrow waterway leads to a series of inland interconnected dock basins. To the right of the basins a canal and town.

Captioned 'Dunkirk'.



Two b/w photographs mounted on an album page


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