Proof of PPP



Proof of PPP
Den Helder


First page has aerial vertical photograph of canal and dock basin with town to the right hand side. A river runs down the left side with two ships moored on the right side. A further barge is in midstream at the tip. A canal runs from top to middle where a narrow entrance leads to a dock water basin. Waterways are surrounded by dockyard buildings and equipment. Below and to the right are town buildings. At the top right is another area of water and dock area. Title 'Proof-of-PPP'. Captioned 'No 1, 4 seconds between 1 & 2, Den Helder'.

On the second page an aerial vertical photograph of the same area from slightly higher. Bomb explosions can be seen across the middle in the area where the canal leads to the dock basin. Captioned 'No 2, Den Helder'.




Two b/w photographs mounted on two separate album pages

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