Marshaling Yards at Hamm



Marshaling Yards at Hamm
Germany Hamm Marshalling Yards


Aerial inclined photograph showing a large number of railway sidings running from left to right. At the bottom left is a railway turntable with a large number of tracks spreading out towards a large building on the right hand side with part of its roof destroyed. There are a number of locomotives on these tracks. In the centre right are a two long sheds with a destroyed building at the right hand end. Two lines of rolling stock leads towards the sheds. At the left end of the lower line is a bomb crater into which with two wagons have fallen. The upper line also has some derailed wagons. Above the lines of wagons is a area with only scattered rolling stock with several bomb craters visible among the railway tracks. At the top are more rolling stock including some tanker wagons. Captioned 'Germany Hamm Marshalling Yards'.



One b/w photograph mounted on an album page


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“Marshaling Yards at Hamm,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed November 28, 2022,

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