Rounding-up of civilians in the Carnia district



Rounding-up of civilians in the Carnia district


In a mountain village, families are being rounded up by German soldiers. The soldiers are armed and are beating some of the civilians. Three men have been beaten on the head. Two are lying on the ground, whilst one is falling to the ground. In the foreground, one civilian is gesticulating with his hands and talking to soldiers, who are pointing guns at him.

Label reads “110”; signed by the author; caption reads “CARNIA. I rastrellamenti continuano il 28 Maggio a Casteons di Paluzza, Ligosullo, Pieden di Arta Paularobe Villasantina, il 26 a Rovi di Paluzza una decina di operai tra cui una donna rimanevano uccisi lungo le strade, nelle officine sulle soglie delle loro case. I partigiani rispondono moltiplicando le imboscate.”

Spatial Coverage




One tempera on paper, pasted on mount board


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Angiolino Filiputti, “Rounding-up of civilians in the Carnia district,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed October 4, 2023,

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