Normandy landings



Normandy landings


In the sky, parachutes are floating down from aircraft and landing in the distance. Tanks from either side are engaged in battle. Black and white striped landing craft are disgorging their troops onto the beach. Many of the landing craft are engulfed in flames, as soldiers in brown uniforms move onto the beach. In the foreground, a soldier with a flamethrower advances up the beach.

Label reads “112”; signed by the author; caption reads “6 GIUGNO 1944. Uno dei più grandi sbarchi che le storie delle guerre ricordi. Normandia (Francia) gli anglo-Americani invadono il continente europeo.”

Caption translates as: “6 June 1944. One of the most important amphibious operations ever. Normandy (France), the Anglo-Americans invade the European continent.”

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One tempera on paper, pasted on mount board


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