Letter to his wife from George Wilson



Letter to his wife from George Wilson


Letter from George Wilson to his wife telling her he has arrived at RAF Elsham Wolds with other people who were late. Discuss details of their recent marriage, asks for certain items of clothing to be sent to him and states he has his wife’s photograph on his shelf in a very conspicuous position but wishes that she would have signed it. He concludes saying she should not worry about him.




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Four page handwritten letter

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1580045 Sgt. Wilson G.
Sgts Mess
Elsham Wolds
Nr. Barnetby
11 – 5 – 44

My Darling Wife,

I arrived here at 7.15 last night, the early arrival being due to the fact that I didnt [sic] have to go to Doncaster, I caught a [deleted] t [/deleted] train at Sheffield which took me to Barnetby, after numerous stops of course.

Three of the lads were late in arriving back, Ted among them, they are all on the peg for it, though I think that Ted has a

[page break]

good excuse, he being “just married”. Everything went swell at the wedding, except that the bride forgot to sign the marriage lines, they are signed O.K. now and are tied up with pink ribbon in the bottom draw. I have just finished eating my ration of wedding cake very nice too.

I [deleted] indecipherable word [/deleted] hope you arrived back O.K. and did not waste to [sic] much time thinking of what might have been, I also hope that nothing was said at work about you having the time off.

Will you please send

[page break]

my summer pants, my py [inserted] j [/inserted] amas and my collar, plus socks along please also will you please enclose my sun glasses in with them, thanks in anticipation.

Your photo now reposes upon my shelf in a very conspicuous position, it looks good, I only wish you had wrote something on it, but still I will always know how you feel.

I received a letter from you today redirected from Helmswell [sic] in it you talk of things happening to me. You shouldn’t worry about me darling I shall be alright after I have

[page break]

settled down to things

I keep smiling darling think of me once in a while you will always be the only one in the world for me.

Your Loving Hubby

Remember Me Darling [drawing of a stick man with halo]




George Wilson, “Letter to his wife from George Wilson,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed July 19, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/1224.

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