Letter from Ian Wynn to his wife



Letter from Ian Wynn to his wife


Catches up with family and writes of going to pictures. Mentions weather and snow. Comments on the work he has done and talks about life on the station. Mentions importance of his work on engines. Says he is off to French class.




Four page handwritten letter


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Many thanks for your nice letter received on Sunday. I have heard from Dad and he has fixed up the car O.K. He said he was [corrected] writing [/corrected] you by the same post so I expect you have heard now.
There were several things that I was going to write to you about but I have forgotten them now. Yesterday was my day off so I went into Purley to the “Flicks” I did not bother to look what was on but was annoyed to see when I got in it was “It began with Eve”, but do you know think I enjoyed it even better than at Chester. I was able to study Charles Laughton more & I got more of the jokes.
I have my day off next week on Wednesday. If Jean manage it I shall go to see Vee & Bert. It all depends what time
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I get off and on the weather. At the moment we are Snowed up and frozen up. Quite artic conditions.
Up to the present I have done very little work on airplanes, except dig the buggers out of snow drifts. This is a very nice station but has a lousy C.O. Even his officers detest him As the Echelons are dispersed all over the drome [aerodrome] a Naafi Van comes round in the morning with tea & buns which are most acceptable Today. Just as the Van came over to us, he drove up and sent it away & said that we were far too busy to stop for tea. The men were to get back to [corrected] their [/corrected] work which was shovelling frozen snow off the dromes [sic] & there was about 10% of frost at the time to [sic]. In consequence when he had gone all the men packed up & there was nothing more done today. He is the sort of Divine that will get bumped off quick if he ever goes overseas. Fortunately or unfortunately? I was not there at the time. I have been doing station defence etc [sic] for a couple of days we all have a turn at this
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[underlined] 3 [/underlined]
and are known as backers up.
The actual work on engines is much simpler than we had at Hednesford but at the same time the Responsibility is greater because successful flying & fighting depends absolutely upon it.
[corrected] I [/corrected] was wondering if I am here doing enough if you could meet me in London on a 48 hr pass? & perhaps your Mother could look after the pair for that long if you ask her nicely.
Well I must go to French class now so tell after that. Oh! Yes! [underlined] Recevoir [/underlined] means = To RECEIVE” “RECU” is Received Voice! “j’ai recu votre letter”.



Ian Archer Wynn, “Letter from Ian Wynn to his wife,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 20, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/11630.

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