Letter to Mrs K Wynn from Florence Russell



Letter to Mrs K Wynn from Florence Russell


Florence is upset that her son Gordon and Mrs Wynn’s husband are now presumed dead. Goes on to write about financial help from RAF Benevolent Fund. Catches up with family news and of other acquaintances including one who died in Japanese prisoner of war camp. .




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Four page handwritten letter


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75 Avondale Rd

My dear Mrs Wynn
I can’t tell you how sorry I was when I read your letter, to hear that your husband was presumed to have lost his life on May 26th. I don’t think really that anything further has been heard of the missing crew, but that, after six months have gone by, the A.M. conclude this for Official Purposes. I also heard from them early in Nov. confirming that Gordon lost his life on May 26th but no more details were given. His payments to me ceased on Nov. 1st, so then I filled up the form sent to me by the
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R.A.F Benevolent Fund. I was very pleased with their quick reply – they sent me £4, & told me to write to the Ministry of Pensions for the Application Forms, to see if I should be considered for a pension. I did this & sent them back only yesterday – I will let you know how I go on.
What an anxious time you must have had during the past weeks – I do hope the boys will [inserted] soon [/inserted] be right again – I think Whooping Cough is the most distressing of childish ailments, especially with one so young as Tony.
I feel for you deeply – I know how dreadful I feel about Gordon at times, when I stop to think. It is always there
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at the back of my mind. It was Gordons birthday on Dec 6th he would have been [corrected] 23 [/corrected].
I got a most beautiful letter from Jim, which bought tears all over again. It was the same when I got your letter – it takes a long time to get over such sorrow as ours & only time will heal. We have to think there are thousands more, sorrowing for their loved ones.
A great friend of Jim’s – an old school friend has died in Japanese Prison of War camp – I think that is infinitely worse than Gordon’s death. Jim has just been before a medical board in London & is still unfit for operational flying - & is on the ground for
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another three months.
Geoff is hoping to get leave from Africa early in the new year.
My daughter Kathleen has been in bed with influenza for over a week now – half of the population in Southport seems to have had it. I do sincerely hope you are feeling better, & taking great care of yourself & that father & mother are keeping well. Give them my kind regards please.
With loving wishes for Christmas, hoping it will bring some measure of happiness & peace,
Yours very sincerely
F. Russel



F Russell, “Letter to Mrs K Wynn from Florence Russell,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed March 4, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/11514.

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