Letter to Mrs K Wynn from Florence Russell



Letter to Mrs K Wynn from Florence Russell


Says she was pleased to get her letter, that she got names and addresses of other crew members and had done everything possible to get information. Mentions that her youngest son Gordon had spoken highly of the crew and that she had another two sons also aircrew.





Three page handwritten letter


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75 Arndale Rd.
June 22/43

Dear Mrs Wynn,
I was very glad indeed to receive your letter As a matter of fact, I was on the point of writing to you myself- as I, also, have a list of the names & addresses of the crew & I had picked on you first, being the nearest. Like you, I have done everything possible, to gain information quickly, should anything be heard of the crew. I got in touch with the Southport Branch of the Red Cross immediately.
For the present, I think that “no news is good news”, and as
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each day goes by, I feel more & more convinced that the crew are alive somewhere. We can only live in hopes until we hear something more definite.
Gordon said what a splendid lot of fellows they all were & seemed proud to be one of them. He is the youngest of my three sons, all serving in air crew.
I would like to say again how I appreciated you writing to me & should I hear any news of any of the crew before you do, I will immediately let you know. In the mean time I shall think about you & your little ones & hope with
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all my heart that when news does eventually come it will be heartening to both of us. I shall always be pleased to hear from you.
Yours sincerely
Florence Russel



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