Letter of condolence from Doris to Mr Moth



Letter of condolence from Doris to Mr Moth


Letter to Mr Moth from Doris explaining how sorry she feels for Winnie and all of Harry Brooks' relations and asks recipient to convey her sympathy to Winnie. Apologises that she had insufficient time to wire a wreath for Harry's funeral.



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Two page handwritten letter


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341 High St.,
Lincs. 31.12.42.

Dear Mr. Moth,

I hardly know how to begin this letter, but first of all, let me thank you for writing. I cant [sic] express my feelings in words at this moment, I am so terribly sorry for poor Winnie, and all dear Harry’s relations. What an awful shock it was, I cant [sic] get over it, really. Will you please convey my deepest sympathy to Winnie, may God bless her & help her to bear her sorrow. Tell her not to worry about thanking me for anything, I was only too pleased to help, it was so nice of her to even think of me when she was in so much trouble. I only wish I could do something now, I would spare nothing, but I am afraid it must be left to time, which heals all wounds. She wont [sic] be able to realise

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[underlined] 2 [/underlined].

that at the moment, we know, no-one would, but I pray that she will be given strength to carry on bravely for darling Pamela’s sake.

I should very much have liked to have sent a token of remembrance to dear Harry, but I didn’t have time to wire a wreath as your letter didn’t reach me until Wednesday morning. However, my thoughts were with you all. Well, I dont [sic] think I can say any more just now, if Winnie feels like writing later on I shall be pleased. I dont [sic] expect it now. I know you will look after her, & I will never forget her in my prayers. Giver her my love, all my best wishes to you,

Yours very sincerely,

[underlined] Doris. [/underlined]



“Letter of condolence from Doris to Mr Moth,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed July 18, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/11318.

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