Letter from Harry Brooks to his wife



Letter from Harry Brooks to his wife


Harry Brooks write to his wife apologising that he couldn't see her at the weekend. He also tells her that he has been unwell and unable to buy her a birthday card. He says how much he loves her, and talks about possible arrangements for the next weekend.




Six page handwritten letter


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Sgts Mess
RAF Station

My dearest darling,

I am sorry that we have both been bitterly disappointed about this weekend, but unfortunately it could not be helped, as I did not get back from Thorney Island until early Saturday afternoon, so I could not 'phone Mrs Wratten on Friday although I tried to get through but the delay was 3 hours and

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it would have been too late to 'phone strange people.

When I got back to Waddington I felt really lousey [sic] and I went to the MO's on Saturday afternoon and he advised me to stay in bed, and I have only got up for dinner today as I was hungry. I have a touch of the flu but don't feel too bad after my day in bed although I must keep in the warm.

I am so sorry my darling I have not sent you a birthday card

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but as you can realize I have been unable to get out for the past 3 days and even if I went down to the village today which I shouldn't do according to the M.O. I could not get a card as the shops are shut.

Please forgive me my darling as I feel so mean about it all, and can only send my best wishes to the sweetest girl in the world and hope that God will let us spend many many years together

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as happy as we are now.

I know how you must feel dearest at home this weekend when you should be in Lincoln loving me, but never mind dearest, perhaps next weekend will be more rosy and I'll write and let you know if I can get Miss Green to fix it up for us. Will you let me know if Auntie Mary will have baby and then providing everything is OK here, I'll make arrangements.

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I will 'phone you in any case one night this week and will write and let you know as soon as I can.

I will be sending you a card as soon as I can get out, and will buy you a nice birthday present when I see you, so forgive me again darling as I hate neglecting you like this because I love you, and always will.

How have baby and you been over the weekend, I do hope you have not

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been miserable, but I am afraid I have because I was so looking forward to seeing you, but still if you come next weekend we will have a happy time won't we darling.

Al my love and may God bless you both & keep you safe for me always.



For my darling cherub from daddy xxxxxx



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