The filming of "one of our aircraft is missing" and other memorabilia



The filming of "one of our aircraft is missing" and other memorabilia


Contains three photographs. Top photograph shows group of men and women sitting and standing on grass. Some are wearing football kit others in civilian clothes or a mixture of civilian and military attire. In the background centre a cine camera, further back trees and to the right part of a tent. Michael Powell, one of the film's directors is standing on the left. Captioned 'With the film crew whilst making the movie "one of our aircraft is missing" (now on DVD)'.
Bottom left photograph shows house with roof and part of wall destroyed and blown out windows. In the foreground a shed with two wooden barrels in front. To the right a gate and garden shrubs. Label 'Grandpa's house destroyed by German bomb, everything lost'. Caption 'Grandpa was a member or [sic] the football game sequence during filming, (second row from the bottom - third from right)'.
Middle right photograph head and shoulder portrait of George Bubb with side cap standing in front of a Nissan hut. Captioned 'the foreman' and 'Foremen of ground crew, cameras/reconnaissance'.

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Three b/w photographs mounted on scrapbook page


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