Bubb, George. Album


Bubb, George. Album


32 items. The album contains photographs, propaganda, service material, memorabilia and research concerning George Bubb's service with 44 Squadron at RAF Spilsby.


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Bubb, GJ

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Scrap book cover
Blue album cover with gold outline. 44 Squadron crest on a white background. Label 'George Joseph Bubb.

George Bubb memorabilia
Top is opaque glass coaster with 44 Squadron crest in colour. Below is a print of Lancaster coming into land against a yellowish sky and snow covered landscape with scattered trees. On the reverse address of the dealer in Lincoln, title and…

George Bubb and memorabilia
At the top, a photograph of George Bubb in battledress uniform standing in a field with low hedge in the background. In the middle a red dog tag and aircraftsman rank badge. At the bottom red and green dog tags, leading aircraftsman and lance…

George Bubb's  attestation
Front page contains general conditions of contract and has signature of George Bubb and is dated 7 May 1941. At the bottom a signature of officer or non-commissioned officer serving the notice. Inside pages contain certified copy of attestation and…

National Service (Armed Forces) Act 1939 grade card
Grade card front page contains registration number SPF 20606 and George Bubb's name and address filled in. Date examined on was 29 June 1940. Grade one. At the bottom signatures of chairman of the board and G Bubb. Centre right is stamp of Birmingham…

George Bubb's Royal Air Force and Local Defence Volunteers documents
At the top a postponement of calling up for service document with G Bubb service number name and address. Dated 21 MAy 1941. States that recipient should report when ordered, In the meantime will remain in the reserve without pay or allowances and…

32 Airmen
Two copies of a postcard showing 32 airmen in three rows dressed in tunic uniform with side caps. Front row kneeling and rear two rows standing. On the reverse 'Western, August 1941, Squad 9'. Between the two postcards caption 'Grandpa: second row…

Travel details
Details of journeys carried out between 29 June 1941 and June 1944. Each line shows date, departure and arrival location and via places.

Royal Air Force personnel at RAF Chivenor
On one page 29 airmen, an officer and a sergeant in three rows. All airmen apart from one in battledress are in uniform tunic and side caps. Front row is seated with a flying officer and sergeant in the centre. Rear two rows standing. To the left…

Private bicycle certificate with train times written on the reverse
States that G Bubb is the authorized owner of a bicycle with its frame number and details. Royal Air Force Spilsby guardroom stamp dated 17 October 1945.

On the reverse, On the left side, four numbered train times from Preston to Birmingham with…

The filming of "one of our aircraft is missing" and other memorabilia
Contains three photographs. Top photograph shows group of men and women sitting and standing on grass. Some are wearing football kit others in civilian clothes or a mixture of civilian and military attire. In the background centre a cine camera,…

Personnel in front of Lancaster
A group of 27 people in front of a Lancaster. Captioned 'Aircrew, ground crew on opposite page'. Photograph shows 26 air force personnel in two rows. The back row standing all have aircrew brevet. 12 are wearing side caps and one an officer's peaked…

Ground crew and aircrew of 'J' 44 Squadron
Top is photograph of 13 ground crew and aircrew in two rows. Front row has five non commissioned officers and one officer in the centre sitting on a trolley. All apart from right hand man are aircrew. All are wearing tunic or battledress. At the…

Chemical works Cologne
Oblique aerial photograph of river valley with roads, railways and at bottom left, a open area of water. At lower right one road runs from middle left to bottom centre which splits into three from two junctions. Railway line runs along road and…

Südbrücke in Cologne and marshalling yard
Two aerial photographs.
The first is a target photograph taken at high level. Bombs are visible falling to centre left. A railway is seen running left to right in the bottom half, with marshalling yard in the centre. Below the railway is a river…

Bombing photographs
Target photograph shows extensive smoke from explosions obscuring the main part of the photograph. The surrounding view is of a rural area with fields and several converging minor roads. A Lancaster is visible top centre going from left to right.…

Nevers Railway Yards
Target photograph of Nevers railway yards. Flak burst or photoflash obscures middle of photograph. Railway sidings and three roundhouses can be seen together with main railway line running from lower left to top right surrounded by built-up areas and…

George Bubb with ground crew at RAF Spilsby
Five airmen, three sitting on ground, are in front; two are kneeling behind. All are wearing battledress. In the background parts of two buildings. Caption 'Grandpa with ground crew, Spilsby 1945'; on the reverse of one photograph 'Spilsby 1945'.

George Bubb - leave travel passes
Label at the top 'Leave/travel passes'. Top and bottom are two Form 295B leave documents. The top one just has an address. The bottom one is made out for Leading Aircraftsman Bubb with a leave address in Birmingham for leave between 19 October 1945…

Service documents
Three of George Bubb's documents and a note:

1) RAF 295A leave document. Front page personal detail. Centre two pages have various leave periods between February and August 1945. Rear page allows absence from 17:30 to 23:59 on daily basis for…

Airfield with two Lancasters
At the bottom right is the mid upper turret of a bomber. Behind is another Lancaster with a cover over the cockpit. In the left top quarter are two airfield buildings and in the centre a windsock.

Totaler Krieg
Propaganda booklet about total war containing photographs quotes and text about bombing.

German list military personnel
Label at top 'German List Military Personnel'. Two individual pages show number, surname, first name, place of residence, date of birth, rank and next of kin of list German military personnel, third page is blank.

George Bubb bedding store certificate
Document is made out to LAC Bubb and is a bedding store clearance certificate stating what has to be returned before he leaves Royal Air Force Spilsby.

George Bubb's service and pay book
Royal Air Force Form 64. Shows leaves granted, medical classification and protective inoculations and vaccinations. Identity cards and permits issued. Short form will specimen. Record of woollen 'comforts' supplied.
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