List of operations and aircraft lost



List of operations and aircraft lost


List of operations between 11 February 1945 and VE day while Hugh Parry was serving with 75 New Zealand Squadron at RAF Mepal, Cambridgeshire. Operations are listed in chronological order with aircraft identification and losses.




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75NZ Squadron Mepal Cambs

Aircraft lost whilst I was there 11.2.45 to VG Day

Feb 14/15 AA-D Chemnitz POWs 1 ob. in captivity

Feb 25. AA-B Kamen POW.

I on this raid.

Feb 26 AA-W. [Deleted] [indecipherable] [/deleted] Dortmund 6 ob, crashed at Chatteris on return.

I on this raid.

Mar. 14 AA-G Hattingen. 7 ob.

Mar 21 JN-T. Munster 3 ob. 3POW. 1 evd.

AA-P Munster 7 ob.

[Deleted] * [/deleted] AA R Munster. 2 ob. 5pow. Broken in 2 by bombs. Witnessed by me

I on this raid

Apl. 13/14.* AA R. Kiel T/O. 2044, crashed @ Mepal 0225.

In the last 1000 bomber raid of the war, on Heligoland on Apl. 18th 7 aircraft lost – all Halifaxes.

We had this aircraft for a night raid on Kiel on Apl 11th We were on the battle order to do our 13th trip on Friday 13th April, but were taken off the raid. Never knew why.

The Muster raid on Mar 21, some 12 aircraft on the raid, 3 lost.



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