Letter from Mrs Payne, mother of Flight Sergeant Malcolm Payne, to Doris Weeks



Letter from Mrs Payne, mother of Flight Sergeant Malcolm Payne, to Doris Weeks


Sends thanks for photographs and comments on poor weather and Red Cross event. Catches up with family news.




Temporal Coverage




Two page handwritten air letter


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Aug. 2nd 1945
Box 29
My Dear Doris.
I posted an air letter to you a couple of days ago but since then I have received your photo and we are thrilled to bits with it, as it really is lovely. Thank you a million times for it. Also thanks for the snaps of Malcom & Don. I have forwarded Don’s on to his mother. I know she’d be glad to have it.
The weather here at present is most miserable – dull & foggy & so cold! We had two inches of very much needed rain this week & we are looking for a bit of sun shine now. Light snow fell on Tuesday but not to settle on the ground. Never the less it was bitterly cold. Yesterday we had a most successful afternoon in the village for our Red Cross Queens. It meant oodles of work but we didn’t mind that as the results were gratifying, we took over £40. We had in all 6 stalls – one an apron one & lots of pretty aprons were sold, then then a sweet stall & I made 6lbs. for this. A gift stall had lots of pretty things for sale, then there was miscellaneous stall, & the one I was looking after – produce. We had a dozen lovely fruit cakes besides
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lots of lovely sponges, home made biscuits, jams, preserves, etc & three dressed “Chooks” & a duck.
Keith & Doris return tonight & D. will be thrilled to bits to find your photo awaiting her as well as an airletter. Several weeks ago Doris posted Keith a pipe but he’s had two transfers
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Miss D Weeks
37 Hawthorne Rd.
Bunker’s Hill
Sender’s name and address
Mrs. F. Payne
Sth. Aust.

since so gave up hope of ever receiving it. However it turned up here yesterday. Wonder has Bruce’s “honey moon bundle” arrived yet. Am expecting to hear from his mother any day. Now my dear I must away & again a big “thank you” for the lovely photo. Fondest love from us both.
Yours lovingly xxx
M. L. Payne xxx



M L Payne, “Letter from Mrs Payne, mother of Flight Sergeant Malcolm Payne, to Doris Weeks,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 19, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/10629.

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