Scenes on the ground



Scenes on the ground
Strip of four slides


Two versions of the same strip with enlargements of all slides.
Slide 1 - captioned 'Diverted fortress on perimeter at GD "Easton Lodge" seen in background'. Head on view of a B-17 parked on hardstanding. There are four men under the starboard wing and another under the port outer engine. House visible under the starboard wing.
Slide 2 - captioned 'Paras ready to board Stirling or Whitley'. Blurred image of eight men in various dress by the rear door of an aircraft.
Slide 3 - captioned 'Although tied down with wire and stone weights it was safe amongst the Horsa gliders'. Front quarter view of a Spitfire parked and wired down on grass with Horsa gliders in the background.
Slide 4 - captioned 'Nice GO of Paul Deacon crew and ground crew GD 620 Squadron'. Six airmen standing in rear with four squatting down in front. Some aircrew have parachute harness and are wearing battledress, some groundcrew in overalls. In the background undercarriage of a bomber. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.



Two strips of four slides and four b/w enlargements


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This Item dcterms:relation Item: 35mm slides by Noel Chaffey 620 Squadron of WW2 1943/6 and 1954 onward